Estimated Statics - Before & After AdManager Performance

I have been with kodular since long time. things what i observed & changes with kodular - AdManager Montization Program by time.

Few reason hopelly many of you will be agreed with my observation. It may help Old & New developers to analyze what had happened & why revnue goes up & down with AdManager.
Obvesly there is major role of the setting for eCPM floors as well. it effects the over all performance. fig. means​:small_red_triangle:up - :small_red_triangle_down:Down

kindly share your experiences if you have any - so that alot of doubt can be cleared.

the least avergae eCPM for Ads was;
Banner $0.35
Interstitial $0.40
Rewarded $0.13

Maximum average eCPM for Ads was;
Banner $1.15
Interstitial $2.00
Rewarded $1.50


There are many problem with kodular google ad manager and kodular report! Not good eCPM or Impression also!
When eCPM good then impression down and impression up and eCPM down!


yes it happened but now another thing is happening. Interstitial Ad inpressions are decreasing day by day dramatically while eCPM is getting low to lower day by day.

Even I have exprienced very low ecpm in Rewarded Ads, It would be nice they can fix this.
How can be it lower than interstitial ads?

This image is taken from my admob account. Match Rate was 100%. Rewarded ads should give much higher ecpm.

Interstitial Ads - Match Rate 100%

I have noticed that our ad units are not serving any video ads. It is restricted to Text and Rich Media. I don’t know the reason but GAM’s help suggest changes in line item. Set up and traffic rewarded ads for apps - Google Ad Manager Help
Big Companies/Brands are working with GAM, match rate should be much higher.
It will be helpful, if @Diego kodular can reply.

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Yes Match rate is very very low. in the beginning when i newly switched from Admob to Google AdManager (i placed Ads according to Google Policy) i had 60% fill rate due to Kodular Commission via Ads. but when i moved to Google AdManager i had 35% fill rate even though there is no commission via Ads with Google AdManager.
in start we can easily observe what difference we observed while switching.

If eCPM floors set to high​:small_red_triangle:& we get atleast 50% fill rate then “Kodular-Google AdManager” is Perfect Choice. now atleast its Good. kodular makes montization very very easy. we highly appricate it.

Settings Ecpm higher is not going to help. Our ads request are not getting fulfilled because of low inventory available for our ads unit.
GAM was supposed to be solution for professional and i dont expect, low Ecpm and poor match rate.
Rewarded Ad manager for me was .36$. If we raise ecpm floor then fill rate will reduce. And for professionals (not me), this is income loss.

please check the details.
very first date & Today’s Report.
Before & After Difference in eCPM, Impressions etc etc

thats why i guessed to revert back to previous settings so atleast we can earn $2.96 instead of $0.75 . hope it will help team to analyze the situation.

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it depends on traffic. advertisers from EU, Austrilla, Canada, US spends more & advertisers from Asian countries like India, Nepal, Srilanka, Butan, Afganistan etc. etc spends lesser to Google for publish Ads.
setting higher eCPM floors will only effect those developers who have traffic from Asian Countries but they get empty slot, can be easily filled by any other network.

lower eCPM floor effect badly to the developers who have tarffic from EU countries because many advertisers spend less from these countries too who give ads in Bulk to Google.

i will urge we if get back to the settings which we had early then kodular & Developers will observe boost in revenue

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Well stats posted above are from India only if admob can give these ecpm why not GAM? All these stats had no ecpm floor set.
And how can rewarded ads give just 0.13$ even for you? This is my concern, different apps can have different epcm and fill rate but ecpm between admob and ad manager cannot be so different.
If this difference is okay then why large publishers are using it. They can’t and will not take 5x loss in revenue and GAM was supposed to be a better solution.

In your case, i believe your users are not from 3rd world country and your ecpm should be much higher because Admob is giving such ecpm for Indian Users also.

You messaged me, asked me to reply on your post. I’m trying to say that there are some fundamentals issue with our ads unit and I’m not worried about my ad revenue.

Yes you are right. thanks alot to share your idea & observations

In next few weeks, a lot of Admob users will shift to Ad Manager. I’m guessing if my observation redarding video ads(both in interstitial and rewarded ads) are true then more people will face this issue and may be then, we can get reply from Kodular Team.

eCPM - low ( $0.40 )
Impressions - high
Earnings - high

eCPM - very high ( $1.5 )
Impression - very low
Earnings - very low

Well, I’ve mentioned roughly 'cause I have the same user base for months and so the daily downloads. But, the revenue and impressions aren’t much even tho I added an extra banner ( which wasn’t before ).

Note : will try to include report screenshots if possible

Same here, yea

Can you tell the dates during or after such happened? So that it can help that our analysis is fine according to the time

I wish if google admanager works at the same eCPM rates as admob then our life will be scuessful.

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Technically, Practically it should.

i get rewaded ad eCPM = $0.13 And for some days it remains the same, then a little variation comes.

My rewarded ads epcm was around .36$, then decided to remove it.

mine is $0.03. :lying_face:

my post when i freshly started with GAM