Ad Manager eCPM Floor problem

yes in my blogger

bandicam 2022-01-24 14-27-16-593
can you tell me ,my block is right?

Did you set publisher id correctly? We have to use Kodular’s publisher id.

bandicam 2022-01-24 14-29-47-797
yes i put my app id from google ad manager!

this errors decreased my app user,because user thinking malware app then uninstall the app​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

There is difference between app id and publisher id. Kodular is managing your ad inventory. So, you have to use Kodular’s Publisher id . It is available in Kodular Docs. Copy publisher id from doc and paste it in your ads.txt
Wait for 3-4 hours, ads will start working

bandicam 2022-01-24 14-40-12-093
yes i put kodular ads.txt in my blogger website!

Anyway, Interstitial ads are not working properly since last update.
I don’t use banner ads

This was the reply

This was posted on 21 Nov. We are waiting for more than 60 days

if we can remove this block “Error Message in Notifier Dialog” then error is not show in our app. when kodular this fix their bugs its was automatically solve!
Can we do this?? help

Me too. Waiting for reply.

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My cut is 21 %. I only use banners. So its normal.

Impression Down eCPM increase…What you think?

in my case also when impression down revenue decresing…

My impression very low now​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Please don’t spam multiple topics with the same issue.

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You right, but we are facing this problem, i think we are losing our revenue, kodular team should be response as soon!

It would be nice of Kodular to give a clear answer. However, losing revenue is no excuse to spam. If you can’t respect the forum rules then you can’t expect anyone to respect your issues.

now we are experiencing the least eCPM of all the times :scream_cat: who else noticed the same? :speak_no_evil:


Yea, daily rev. is lower than a $ ( 0.60 ~ 0.80 ). Well, the eCPM is high. But, the impressions are pretty much low when compared to before.

You can help kodular team what you experience using AdManager under kodular.