Ad Manager eCPM Floor problem

Before Ad Manage set to High eCPM floor
empression = Low
eCPM = High
revnue = High
Bidding Ad Request = High

After Ad Manage set to Low eCPM floor
Impression = High
eCPM = Low
revnue = Low
Bidding Ad Request = Low

please revert back to previous eCPM floor settings. :unamused:


It is happening with me also . Not sure about bidding

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yesterday i was fill this form for inMobi Mediation, Now im afraid for this Post! i Don’t know what are happening with me :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Dear all, if Ad Manager eCPM floor set to higher then we get good revnue from few impressions and if Ad with lower eCPM is not avaible we can easily fill the empty slow with other Ad Network. but problem when Ad AManager eCPM floor set to lower eCPM floor then we dont get empty slot to fill with other Ad Network to Boost our income. so with lower eCPM floor we get low revnue and huuge number of Ads in our Apps. which effect the user experience.

Once Kodular Team reverts the previous settings back then it will be so good for us.
please kodular team, set back the eCPM floor to the highest.

My ecpm is also low now​:unamused:

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seems new changes to eCPM floors are affecting almost all of the developers.

see the difference before & After set eCPM from high to low.

Team should response on the issue. :frowning:

Yes, eCPM is falling due to the lower eCPM floor.

how much your impression?

@Barno_Roy here are the deatils.

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My ecpm just hit 0.23 from 1.3​:unamused: and no one is responding about the issue.

I’m facing low ecpm issue from last 2-3 months. Didn’t know that every one was getting high Ecpm.

I’ll be absolutely disappointed if this happened to me alone because someone changed it just for me.
Please add option to manage Ecpm by our own.

I also request other to let us know if they start getting high Ecpm.

How about think my eCPM?
My impression as well,but revenue decrease please make solution!

You’re right. Just like Admob, the option of changes in Ecpm as well as ad frequency should be managed by the app owner. Otherwise, you’ll always be at Kodular Staff’s mercy. You have to always depend on them just like the app approval process.

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The point is if Kodular want to earn Good Commission then they should solve this issue. because if we earn higher than kodular will also get a higher commission if we earn less then kodular will also get less commission. And I think no one in the world wants to earn less. so may b Kodular staff is trying to solve the issue so please wait for any response from kodular team.

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Iam also facing this issue my ecpm is going low day by day