My kodular is not working | Payment Page is Offline

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I have also the same issue

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Try after clearing cache or try opening it in different browser. I tried in 2 different browsers (Chrome and brave in mobile) and it’s working fine.

I tried but still the same issue

I am also having the same problem. Tried clearing caches, different browser but it’s not helping.

Same issue faced almost 1 week done

We wre facing a serious issue @pavi2410 kindly solve our matter

While clicking on my ads manager i am Facing “Error Occured” Massage and unable to access my daily report sheet since last week and tried multiple browsers but the error remains the same. Please fix the error asap.

i am also facing this issue since 1 week. can u please fix

Hello @Diego, I’m also facing the same issue from last 2 weeks and i have tried different browser but it still shows the same error. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

Try changing device and check if it’s working or not.

We did all these things but stil the same situation i dnt know what the kodular team and admins are doing ? For waht why are hired ? They even didnt answer here or on email i m just fedup with them

Last year kodular introduced server discord i installed the app and i contact to the admins but even we cant send msg to them on discord what is the benefits of discord app ? When we cant chat them

Ask in the #general channel on Discord. Pavi2410 (Kodular staff) is consistently responding there. He might be able to solve your problem.

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Thanks vut i know nothing will happened :sob: i dnt know when will they solve the issye

Now Enough Kodular should completely shut down their service if they did not give a proper time to their service. Everyone knows Kodular is not completely free they are charging a monthly subscription and also getting a 20 to 25% commission from user Ads Manager earnings still this rude behavior is not acceptable in any manner.
all those using Google Ads Manager have been facing an issue for almost 10 days the Payment page has been offline and no one can check their revenue. Kodular only works better on priority when it is time to take commissions from users but if they taking commissions they should solve that issue for user ASAP

@pavi2410 @Diego @Kodular


Definitely they cut 25% commission on my November earnings they just know how to cut commission’s but they don’t know how to fix bugs immediately


Yes guys we all wanna know about what ls going on