Payout not received

My kodular say it has been delivered on 6th Oct but I have not received the money.

After paying so much in commission we get zero support. Now, I have joined the list of people who have not received their money.

Revenue from one particular app has gone to almost zero from 15 dollars daily. It has been 10 days, no response. Huge loss.


For one Payout i selected Bank Transfer as a payment method for July earnings and i received 4days ago so according to my experience i prefer PayPal is the best in Kodular for Payout

Same issue with me because Kodular Admanager Sdk is outdated they should update Sdk to Latest version, Moderators are just sitting and watching the community they are not helping :expressionless:

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the codular sinks. moderators after receiving the status stopped helping users.

Mine also showing deliverd on oct 6…

Is this kodular sending money to our account date??

Beacouse it shows deliverd in top & in below it shows sent to bank account…:+1:

Still the amount not recived in my bank…

Still waiting

Moderators have nothing to do with payments, they just moderate posts. Payments are handled by Kodular staff.

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I’m not saying this that Moderators is handling payments, i mean to say is they have to inform to @Kodular about all these things which is happening on Kodular of course they have there contacts :thinking:

Before blaming moderators you need to prove they are not doing what you say. Perhaps they are informing staff but the staff don’t care or want to do anything about it. The staff haven’t been responding to forum members even after promising to be more visible and engaging, maybe they don’t respond to moderators either.


First you need to proof that they are informing to @Kodular, if you proved it i will stop blaming Moderators, are you Moderator?


No, I’m not a moderator.

Actually you’re the one who implied they are not telling Kodular anything, I just suggested that they may be. That’s why I used the word “Perhaps”.

It’s also not their job to tell Kodular staff about payments. It’s Kodular staff’s job to be active on the community (like they promised), and to know what is working in Kodular and what isn’t.

The onus is on Kodular staff who charge some people for a service they aren’t fully providing. It’s not up to moderators (who are unpaid volunteers) to do the job of people who are making money.

Why don’t you prove that moderators aren’t informing staff?

What is happening on Kodular is clear cut proof that Moderators didn’t informing Staff :white_check_mark:

It’s not clear proof, you haven’t proved by just saying it’s proof. Like I said, it’s possible that moderators are informing staff, but the staff just don’t care. They haven’t cared about much since Premium went live, why should they care about making sure people get their payments?

But at the end of the day neither of us know what the moderators or staff are up to.

6th of October is a Thursday, so it either arrived yesterday or next week. Always consider that banks process payments through weekdays, so you may have to wait till Monday-Tuesday to receive it.


When the Google Ad Manager Latest SDK update is releasing we are waiting for ? :thinking:

Ok In payout it shows deliverd thats why for clarification…

It shows the amount sent date? Means oct 6 is kodular send amount in account?

It says delivered “from our side”, not received “to your side”. Delivered means that we have sent the payment to the recipient’s bank and that we got confirmation it was delivered to them successfully, but we don’t know when they are going to process it so you can receive it in your account.

In banking, there is no way to accurately know when a payment is going to be received by the end receiver. We can only know when the bank has confirmed the transaction, but not when they are going to process it.

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Hey, what about video ads & one signal component?

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Thank You For Your Clarification :heart_eyes::+1:

@Diego please you told us Tapjoy, Applovin & Adcolony will be added in Open bidding. Please it will take your few mintues to add accounts in bidding so we can get better fillrate. Also do something for video inventory. :innocent:

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@Diego when you guys add Tapjoy, Applovin & Adcolony in open bidding? Right now We are facing very bad ecpm and no fill rate also please enable video inventory and update Admanager SDK according to you update is needed :white_check_mark::thinking:

Hello Today also not delivered in account. Can you please check it out…:pray:

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