Google AdManager Having Issue - effected Dev.s comment please

Hello Developers,
The last few days Google AdManager is having big issue. long time its not counting CPC properly & now this issue.

Showing Data in negitive.

Decresing impressions automatically.

If there will be any issue then Ads should stop working. Why Ads are showing to app users and kodular Dashboard is showing no earnings? If the issue will still remain please tell me should i moved to AdMob?
I am using kodular-AdManager since begenning.

Ads Not Showing wait next update

I think some issues there iam still not updated…
Test ads also not showing in some devices…

Staff replyed this issue will solve next update…

Hope this issue also solve in next update

Lets Wait For it…:pray:

I faced this issue in may month my earnings I saw good amount after some days my earnings decrease 500%

how you solved the issue?

I am haiving bigger isseu my payment nor ads are showing

Wait for any staff response no other way

please post your screenshot here so staff can easily see everything under 1 topic.

Not Solved

so still your impressions are vanishing and earnings are decreasing?

It’s working now

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

how long it took to solve you issue automatically?

In my application the ads are not shown for some users or directly those impressions are not counting, since I had downloads but in the kodular panel it shows that there are 0 impressions those days, when will the next update be ??? will they solve the problem?

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@Augusto_212 same happening with me. my users seeing ads but kodular dashboard showing less figures and after few hours impressions vanished.

Do you have any idea where i can see dates of new updates?

How is it possible to have 0 impressions and 4 clicks? also they do not tell me the other impressions

dont know why there is not sufficient response on it.
seems our impressions/earnings are going to direct kodular account and our dashboard is not responding. kodular should do the needful. alot of people having same issue. ads are showing in apps but not displaying on Dashboard.

I think this problum is facing after the latest update ecpm floor update may be some bug i think the kodular team is working on this…

May be viswas will reply we can wait