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I don’t know how but ecpm has increased to approx $1.3 from last two days. It is also 1.7$ for a particular app.
Number of impression has decreased but revenue has increased.
If Kodular made any changes then Thank You :heart:.

We’ve been experimenting with eCPM floors (we’re also working on a way for you to set floors for each app from the Creator). As of now, interstitials have a floor of $1.00.


A floor on banners has also been applied just now. Please let me know how this affects earnings in the next few days. Thanks!


So, what is floor ecpm for banner now?

$1.20, but it’s going to change based on how revenues are affected.


from last 2 days i thought it’s was an issue that intrestitial ads are not showing properly and sometime load late because impression almost decreased 40 to 50% on my app. My ecpm is 0.96 and 0.92 last days and before that it was almost 0.30 to 0.50 and at the end impression decreased but revenue is increased in last 2 days due to high ecpm,:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Vishwas Iam Just getting 0.13-0.15 ecpm can you tell me why it is to low?

It should increase from today, but you may see a dip in the number of impressions. eCPM depends on several factors including the demographics and geographic location of your users, so it’s mostly up to you regarding which users you wish to target with your app.

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Ok i dont know more about that i have 10k+ imprsn daily but ecpm very low…i doubt anymistake from my side?? Or its normal?

The eCPM floor made a big difference in impressions but closer in revenue.

You have set our ECPM floor very well. From now on, it has started earning coming a little better but the impression is slow, low impressions doesn’t matter. So that our users will not get bored by low ECPM annoying Ads. Thanks Team Kodular.


At least! We can say that Now the Earning will be at least like Admob. Thanks! Please don’t implement the same changes back. all is going well now.

In my case impression decreased ecpm incresed but my revenue decreased to much…

Daily iam getting avrg 1.50 $ but today onwords below 1 $

Why this happens

Impression also decresed to much 10k avrg iam getting daily but now it is like 2k​:sleepy::sleepy:

I’m also in favour of ECPM floor changes set by Kodular :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Remember your application is running at a place where eCPM of Google ADs is very low set by Advertiser. Because of that No Ads Calls there. One Suggestion for you : Wait a little, these controls will also come to us, so that we will be able to set the floor of eCPM. Right now this control is devotionally with the Kodular’s Parent Account. You can use the AdMob banners in the alternate way for now. In my recent opinion your application is targeting Indian audience only. am i right?

It has been estimated that after setting the ECPM floor. impressions has decreased in Asian countries as eCPM went high for Tier1 - Tier 2 countries like US - UK - Canada, other European & Gulf Countries.

Our Vote is with New Setting of Ad Manager with eCPM floor modification.

Suggestion : But Banner Ad eCPM should be slightly low ($1) so we can touch the Tier3 Countries like Bangladesh - India - Nepal - Srilanla & other African Countries.

Please wait for atleast 24hours. Let user use the app these eCPM floor settings will cause the SDK cache refresh in-app & will call the Ads according to the niches/keywords the user mostly searches. Please attach today’s report in the reply so we can Analysis & find the differences with the passage of time. Keep attached to the post. Thanks

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