New eCPM floor Settings

Please decrease eCPM floor minimum value from $1.20 to $1 for Google Ad Manager’s Banner. I Personally experiment with AdMob we cant get impressions from Tier3 countries like Pakistan - India - Nepal - Srilanka - Bangladesh & other African countries with this eCPM floor value for Banner Ad. $1 will be the solution.

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My earning is decreased 70٪

@Abid_7000 it is due to Banner Ad eCPM & impressios. Mine earning is increased 150%

Mine also decreased daily getting arround 2 $ but now below 1 $

It has been $1.00 since yesterday. We realised the increase in revenue wasn’t able to compensate enough for the drop in impressions.

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thanks vishwas!
Hope developers will get increase in impressions now. I’ve seen a major drop that went straight from 12000 impressions to 2500 impressions & In this case, there was just slightly drop in revenue from $2.40 to $2.25.
Hopefully they will get now 6000 impression with $5 at least.
according to my opinion;
Banner : min eCPM : $1
Interstitial : min eCPM : $1.5

Last two days ecpm incresed alot but the revenue decresed yesturday also…

Still kodular working or anything we have do for it.??

Waiting for kodular​:pray:

as kodular staff mentioned that Settings have been modified a bit. Banner ad that caloric cpm was set $1.20 has been now set at $1. Hopefully you will see a major change in impression & in revenue as well.

& day is not over yet. It’s imperative you share the screenshot once the day is over. Hope today your impressions will exceed from 5000.

From today onwrds??

@Sooraj_Aniyeri Yes. Just stay on your way because I’m studying your case too-closely.

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My ecpm is very low everyday please set my ecpm to high please

please set my eCPM to highest floor. thanks.

Iam ok with the current settings in my account​:pray:

But I’m not ok with current ecpm $0.29 @Kodular please help me set my ecpm to high or at least $1

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