Higher eCPM Ads - Google AdManager

It’s been a year since kodular was allied with the Google AdManager.

The situation now goes that when our apps request for Ads above $0.80 don’t get ads at all. Except Code 3: Error

To be told what is the use of giving control to the ECPM floor when only certain Ad inventory is available?

When Kodular will integrate Aplovin, Adcolony & Tapjoy in their Admanager Main Account?
If you can’t do that, then at least fix the video Ads issue in AdManager SDK.

After 2 days of good eCPM and a good fill rate, the condition becomes the same as it has been for the whole year.

It is better to fix these issues, many users have left Google Ad Manager already.


I have very little hope that they will be able to fix it(Video Ads) ever.
They were not able to fix Banner Size for so many months.
One Signal is not working from Oct 21, Almost 10 months. They lack dedication.


I not think they launched premium to help users or provide a better service. They might have realized that their active users are going down. So, in other to keep it up they removed commission from Non-Ad Manager Ads.
There are 6 type of Ad. Components available, AdColony, Applovin, Facebook, StartApp , Unity & AdManager. According to them, 4 of them requires update including their Flagship AdManager. They also said that they were planning this premium launch from 3-4 months but they did not update these Ad Services.
2 Ad Service have closed their service, but they are still available in ‘Creator’. They have removed Admob recently, they could have removed them also but they did not.


For me I’m really tired of ad manager on the first we have ecpm problem after fixing this the code 3 error because of not giving video inventory :pensive: everytime @KodularCreator @Kodular they just give us hope and never come back with solutions


Even if we set ecpm to $0.80 there are few ads most the time we get

Don’t hope so because it’s been 1 month we raised this issue and according to Vishwas it takes 2 to 3 weeks but now it’s more than 3 weeks

we dont know who actually dealing with Admanager. diego says something else and vishwas says something else. we just need an issue to be cleared ASAP. please add Applovin, ADcolony & TapJoy Ads in ADmanager or fix this Video Ads Inssue so then we can get some benifits from eCPM con trols.
why dont you revvert the previous Googlr AdManager SDK settings? The Video Ads issue will be resolved.

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eCPM is getting low day by day and impressions also

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I asked Vishwas this

I wanted to ask how ad inventory for our account is generated? Is the process automatic or it requires manual intervention ?

No reply recieved.

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there is no future with Google AdManager if Good/Best Ad inventory is not available.

if they get help from Fiverr someone expert maybe help them to fix the issue in programming.

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Their eCPM is so High :fire:

They only see our messages but don’t reply :pensive:

I’m totally agree with you nowadays I’m really fed-up with Admanager

If they don’t know then they should take help from some expertise

@Kodular anyone is there to say something about this issue? :thinking:

For one thing, there is a place https://kodular.youtrack.cloud/ where we can track the activities, how far the implementation has reached on the issue.

But I don’t see it has been mentioned there, then setting it on critical / Normal Piority is other thing.

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Still facing the low ecpm @Kodular please help us

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Wait for kodular next update…
They are bringing new features…
Maybe Admob available again…

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God hear you, please. And Kodular staff as well., Ha,ha, ha

The recent ecpm is zero. It is a dramatic situation.

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There is no dramatic situation in kodular as the kodular is a biggest drama :smile::smile:.


Can you explain it please

Joke of the day :rofl::rofl::rofl: