I need answer to my question by kodular staff

Hello team kodular,
I want to remember you that before 1 month I had published a post in the community related to unity ads.
As you guys know that unity ads are neither loading nor showing in my app.
As I told you the unity ads are the only way I am using to monetize my app.
1 months is over but the unity skd is not updated yet.
I had try to contacted many of the moderator and staff of kodular but not got any reply.
I think kodular must also listen to it’s users.
Hope you guys will definitely reply to me.
Thank You for your understanding.


All those who wants to support me kindly like the above post.
Thank You for your support.

Unfortunately no one is in charge, they do not give answers or support, the ambition and desire for profit led them to sell a defective product in an extortive way, I feel sorry for you friend, for me and for so many other users that after a month we wait for someone Of the face.


First of all a very Thanks to you for supporting.
They can’t ignore my question.
They have to give answer to my question.

just wait… that only we can do now…

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I hope so, although I doubt it, everything is poorly focused, if they were thinking of relaunching as a company, they should first put people focused on development and business profile, but apparently they take it as a hobby, without thinking that many users work with the platform.

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Kodular Moderators and Staffs Give me Reply…

As you have listed they all are online but not giving any reply on the post.

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Hello team kodular,
As you know that I am a kodular premium user.
Even on premium I am not getting any support from you.
In premium it is listed that support will be provided to premium users.
Kindly reply to me on my post.

It’s all a lie, being a premium doesn’t give you any privileges or benefits, you just avoid being blocked by apps, that’s why I say that everything is very extortive. A moderator will not give you answers that he does not have, he only moderates, those responsible should appear here but they are hidden.

Hello kodular users as you can see they are not giving any reply to my post.
To show your help give a reply in the post until they will not give any reply.
Please help me to keep this post as first post in community.
If you are agree with me leave a reply in this post.
Thank You for You Support :heart::heart:.
@Diego @Vishwas @KodularCreator @Community @Kodular

Sorry for tags but you guys are not providing me any support or help.


@Kodular @Vishwas
If you guys will not give any reply in my post soon I will not buy kodular premium from next month.
3.50$ is less for you but not for me.
It took me 10 days to buy it for only monetization of my app but unable to monetize my app yet and soon the subscription will end.
I request you to reply me on this post or dm me.
Thank you.

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And also I am a student not a person who earns money.
I like to develop apps.
But you guys are not giving any response.
It’s not easy for me to buy every month kodular premium.
3.50$ is not less amount for me.
Hope you will understand my situation and help me.

You have removed moderators from my post but you are a moderator you can even invite them to read the post by staff.
Kindly invite staffs to read my post.
Hope you will help me.

I will not stop giving reply to this post until any of the staff don’t give reply to my post.
@Kodular @Vishwas

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Dear kodular staff kindly give your reply.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Hello kodular staff @Kodular @Vishwas @Community @Diego it’s last time I am trying to contact you if this time you will not help me then I am going to raise of dispute for refund.
I want my refund because I don’t want to use kodular anymore.
Very poor services.
I brought premium only for monetization components other than ad manager but ads are not loading because of outdated skds.
Hope you will help me otherwise I will raise dispute for refund.
And never user kodular again in future.

@NP_Gamer i think you have to use ad extensions…

But you can use google admanager without premium…

For free users they can’t use admob now, in kodular admob is removed if you subscribed premium you can use admob extension same as other ad network