Ads component or extenstion not work in ppremuim kodular

help mee plsse or givee me good extenstion

Kodular premium hasn’t gone live yet.

In future please don’t spam the forum with unnecessary topics.


today is 11 july but and iam premuim user but admob extention still not allwoed why !

Is it stated anywhere that AdMob extension is definitely allowed?

it is premuim features

Show us proof please.



how i will know i have featuers

I don’t know what you mean. Premium will allow ad extensions, but no one (as far as I know) has confirmed that AdMob extensions will be allowed.

do you mean premuim still not active !

read more about premuim and you will know what i mean

I know all about Premium. Once again, where does it say that AdMob extensions will definitely be allowed?

It doesn’t define AdMob extensions specifically but all ads extensions are allowed


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For “Monetisation Components” it says “All ad components”. Since AdMob is no longer a component it seems to me that the extensions that will be allowed will be for the components that are available. Therefore we need clarification from the staff as to whether other extensions, eg AdMob, will be allowed. If they don’t allow AdMob then they haven’t provided false information, although that’s what nearly everyone will claim.

If so then it’s useless…

As I interpret it as well as 99% of community does, all ads extensions are allowed

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They certainly should be, but until the staff confirm it, who knows? They might turn round and say AdMob isn’t allowed because it will reduce their commission as many people will use that instead of AdManager. I hope I’m wrong and everyone else is right, but I’m just going by what it says literally, rather than trying to interpret it. Hopefully one of the staff will issue a comment and clarify the situation once and for all.

I think Kodular want to generate their revenue from (Free = Only Ads Manager Commission) and (Premium = Premium Purchases)!
And aslo they are saying all ads components are allowed in Premium it’s true (After read their update notice) but i think they are not handling the Ads Extension Components (Update:Bugs & SDK)! If you want to generate revenue from your app then You need to create It’s your self otherwise you buy (Connected with extensions developer for Ads Extension Up to Date) and use it… They may not add separately! Don’t know I’m rights or wrong!

I think kodular is chiting with us very cleaverly.

They have indeed said that. The thing I’m trying to point out is that AdMob is no longer a component. You can get extensions for Facebook etc because these components are present. But AdMob is no longer there. What I want is for Kodular staff to confirm if any ad extensions (including AdMob) will be allowed, or just extensions for the components that are currently present.

ad manager not work not give me any ivite message plse help me