Admob Ads works on test mode but Ads did not showing when I switched it to live mode

Admob banner and interstetial ads showing on test mode. but Ads not showing on Live mode. Please suggest me whats going wrong?
Please Note My adsense account is totally working.

did you search on the community ?

try this

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There should be a function it that forum where a user can only write about admob or ads if he spend time with the search function and searched for admob or ads ) If he didnt do that he cannot use the word ads or admob or so.
Maybe with a Ki it is possible to make this but i believe this is much work to implement this.

Or don’t allow new users to publish post which contains keywords like admob , ads etc…


i think that is to simple because than they will use other words like. The google component to show short videos does not work.
Or Goggles earning componentor a few others.
I believe the only way to make that right is to use a Ki which analyse your post.

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how about this…

the admob component will be available on creator if you are in user trust level 2 or 3… so the component will be available only to those who really understand kodular, for Good purpose not Ads purpose…


yes and the team should allowed it that you can use it if the team think you did all only to get the admob coponent than you dont get the component / will not work if you use it
The same for all other networks

yeah…that will be awesome, if this happens then the amount of admob users (who make low quality apps to earn money) will be reduced.

now its all depend on the kodular team.


So What if a new user who switches from Other Builders want to update his app and republish again? :thinking::thinking:


He won’t be able to use the inbuilt admob component… if he wants to show ads then he or she can use alternative method using an extension like this one -

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How to implement extension in kodular because it report bug

Not related… Please start a new topic