Alternative Method to show Admob Ads - 100% Working


(Vishal) #1
I have seen many topic on kudular about admob ads like
  • Admob ads are not working, 
  • Ads not showing
  • Please help me to show admob interstial ad
  • What is right way to show admob ads?
  • Admob Ads not getting displayed (even test ads) and many more endless topics.

So i tried enhance extension, this is a alternative way to show Admob ads on your Android application made in App Inventor Platform like Kodular, Thunkable or Appybuilder. Follow the steps given below : 

For proof, that banner ads are working check the screenshot below
If Kodular's Ads are not working for you then try the method given below, this is a fully working tested file, i created 2 admob ad unit id for banner & Interstitial ads at 9-2-19 from my admob panel.  Download the test file from the link below.

Steps - 

  1. Open Enhance website and register at -
  2. Once you login, Open this link -
  3. Now select the type of ads you want to show, here i have selected banner and interstitial ads. 
  4. After Ads Type, Select App Inventor from the Drag and Drop Library Option
  5. Now Download the library file. You will get the AIX file from the downloaded zip file. Implement Enhance extension in your application to show ads. 
  6. After implementing the enhance extension blocks, export the APK file and Upload in the enhance website. 
  7. Now select Admob Mediation and place your Banner and Interstitial Ad Unit Id in the particular given fields like the image given below
  8. Select banner ads position from Global Settings Option and Press the continue button
  9. Now select - Upload my certificate and allow Enhance to sign on my beha from the radio option list. Upload the Keystore file from kodular (File -> Export Keystore).
  10. Put android in Keystore/certificate Password field.
  11. Change App Version name and code according to your needs and press the Enhance Now Button
  12. After the enhance process complete, it will provide a download link for your enhanced application. Download and Use it normally as you want. 
  13. Download Test AIA - Tech CVR - Kodular Admob Ads Not Showing - Problem Solved

    If this method don’t work for you then its 100% confirms that there is a problems from your side. Contact Google not Kodular and Stop Posting Topics about Admob not working,

Admob Ads Problem
Admob ads not showing
(Pablo Almeida) #2

This method will work when Admob update skd and kodular don’t?

Because I think that is the most common reason for admob stop working.

(Vishal) #3

so either wait for kodular update or use this method, its your choice.

(Nathan) #4

I remember Kodular saying they’ve updated the AdMob SDK and it should be working fine. Yet people still find ways to complain.

(Pablo Almeida) #5

so either wait for kodular update or use this method, its your choice.


I remember Kodular saying they’ve updated the AdMob SDK and it should be working fine. Yet people still find ways to complain.

I think I wasn’t clear.

My question is: Let’s suppose Admob update it’s sdk next month (currently sdk 17 if I am not mistaken) to sdk 18 and no longer support the skd currently used by Kodular (I am not sure if it is the last version or another older version that work fine for now). Kodular team won’t bring an immediate update just to keep admob working. As they have already said a million times, they have more important things to do, so the updates may take a few days or a few weeks.

My question is: In this case, if I use enhance admob will work on my app or I will have to wait for an update anyway?

(Nathan) #6

Sorry I didn’t understand what you we’re saying, thanks for redefining it to me :sweat_smile:.

I think it should work, as what looks to me is they must update it in an AIX, don’t take that as it will though. When Developers say they are doing more important things, I’m pretty sure they’re upgrading SDKs as if they had the same issue, I’m sure they’d be on it 1, 2, 3. However, in this case it’s very unlikely Google update AdMob SDKs within the next month as it doesn’t take a while.

(Carambel) #7

Enhance does not keep a% addition of Kodular can result in less profit.

It’s just a question, not a complaint, does Enhance keep anything?

(Nathan) #8

They most likely take about 75% of what you earn, totally.

(Pablo Almeida) #9

does Enhance keep anything?

I asked it myself too and couldn’t find that information in the website. It says it’s totally free, but doesn’t say anything about taking a % of our revenues or not.
Kodular for example is totally free but they take a % depending on how many components we are using.

I didn’t find that information on Google either. I thought about asking this on the chat but as I am very satisfied with kodular for now I just gave up.

However, in this case it’s very unlikely Google update AdMob SDKs within the next month as it doesn’t take a while

Yes, it was just a hipotetical question so if I have this problem in the future I would already have a workaround.

(Carambel) #10

Honestly I’m very pleased that Kodular is Transparent, but I distrust Enhance, it does not say anything about the slice it takes, maybe it is because it really takes more than 50% of the profit margin, so I would reject Enhance as an alternative to the Admob add-on made by Kodular.

(Nathan) #11

It was literally a joke.

(Pablo Almeida) #12

Oh I just found a new info:

I am not sure if this person is really who he says he is but he says enhance has some kind of deal with the service providers like admob, amazon and leadbolt and the revenue got by the app maker is 100% of the app maker.

True or not, i still prefere keep using kodular component to show admob. But I think enhance is a good alternative for those with problems with kodular.

(Vishal) #13

those who think about the percent cut from admob revenue.

(Boban Stojmenovic) #14


(Nosrej Chaokad) #15

my app crashes after my app is enhanced

(Vishal) #16

show your blocks and error message if you get any…

and share your enhanced version apk here… to test

(Nosrej Chaokad) #17

I posted the two apk and errors @techcvr App Crashed When Using enhance

(Philipp Lang) #18

you have to delete admob and other ad networks before using enhance, after input enhance make a page refresh. Put in your enhance blocks and built apk. It will work.

(Nosrej Chaokad) #19

i will try it again :slight_smile:

(Piyush Gautam) #20

The problem Comes After 09-Feb-2019, in my old version App Ads Working Fine but if i update app Ads Stopped Showing and Showing Error Code 102.