Admob ads is show when app downloaded from Amazon Appstore?

I addad admob ads on my apk , and I uploaded on Amazon Appstore ,my app is under review right now but I want know that my admob ads is show on apk or not Which is downloaded from amazon appstore

i search on google about is ,many people said that ads is working on playstore but in Amazon appstore that not Worked.

please tell me it Is Work or not , If anyone know that that solution then please tell me .

If you publish your app on playstore then you don’t need Kodular approval to show ads. Ads in app will automatically shown if app is installed from playstore.
If app installed from other sources then app will not show ads automatically, you have to apply for approval from Kodular to show ads in app.


ok thanks
that mean my app admob ads not show on amazon appstore

Yes you have to apply for approval if you publish app on Amazon Appstore to show ads in your app.

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can i use Enhance app website

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Please note that a pop-up appears stating that the app has not yet been approved by Kodular, if it is installed from other sources but playstore.

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