AdMob: Internal error! The server response is NULL

Hello! I got this error message

“Internal error! The server response is NULL. Please try again” when admob interstitial false to load and it is error code 102, i don’t understand this message ! is it because my phone internal storage error or …? Also i didn’t find an answer on community too, is that the app problem or kodular or Admob itself ?

And this is my block

it’s a simple block that i make to test ads working or not, because like other said Ads working well while live test with companion but export to apk it didn’t.

I also heard that Admob always update it’s sdk every month, so Kodular team have bring an update to keep admob working, else it won’t. Then which is the probem ? plase help !

The problem is on the AdMob server. Neither you, or Kodular, can do anything about it.


It’s a automatically fixed in two days

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Oh and thank you for your reply.:blush:

Show us where you read that admob make each month a sdk update,

I dun know where to read and get last news about admob sdk update, I heard from these guys on this topic Alternative Method to show Admob Ads - 100% Working, check it out!!

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