Ads not showing even in test mode

I’ve checked the posts in this community and youtube related with this issue, still unable to solve this unit is google enabled,and kodular approved.But ads not showing even in test mode.I put the block to see the error message. It says :
Something happened internally; for instance, an invalid response was received from the ad server.
Trying for 2 days but no luck.

Which ads… Please mention complete info…

Show the blocks, how you load ads ?


Admob,here is my blocks.I also tried with clock

My suggestion : Don’t use Admob ads with webview component.
It’s like that you only load site and load Admob ads and wants to earn.
This may leads to suspend your Admob account by Google permanently.
Try Admob ads with app content.

I understand,but this is the reason for ads not showing?

Na, it’s not the reason.
actually their is a problem even after approval apps are not showing ads . But if you publish your app in play store then the app start showing ads… We don’t know the exact problm so i request you to use play store… @mashayekh.official

But test mode also not working.So I have to publish my app in google play store with out testing :thinking:

You can try for the 1st version na… Which we generally update to submit link in the app… so try @mashayekh.official

To marge latest Kodular update, everyone should login to at least once. If not done, ad serving will take a break (until you login to! :wink: