My ads not showing

My App is not showing ads even my app is fully correct and is qualified kodular admob test

Please tell me Why

Did you upload it on playstore ?

no i did not uploaded it

You have to first upload it on playstore for the ads to show up… Upload it on playstore. Once your app goes live wait 24+ hours and the ads will show up.

but kodular says it is not important for your apps to be on playstore

And which error code and message do you get?
Why does nobody try things first?!

Ads work too if the app is not on play store

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I recommend uploading the app on playstore and then linking the app with the ad unit.
If it’s not playstore then where are you gonna upload it ?

On MY website

I got the same problem. For me it says: “Your app has not been approved to serve ads. Please, go to Kodular Account and request its activation.”

use android studio to solve your problem

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Then you should to it…


Yes it is just because of the people who earns from making others fool.

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This is not a problem. This is kinda like a new step for verifying the apps.

Follow this…