Ads not showing after 10 days approved already

Dear Kodular Team,
I have a app and already approved from 10 days but ads not showing in my app,
Then i have tested ads during campaign then Working properly.

Please help and support :pray::pray:

Kodular customer

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Which ads you are using, Types of Ads… Please give complete derails… So that we can help you…

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  1. You have Admob account and created an ad unit
  2. Pasted the ad unit id in your ads (in Kodular Designer view)
  3. You are loading your ads in the block section eg: AdmobAds.Load

One interstitial ads & one banner ads

Which one… Admob, startapp?

Already past admob ad unit id and…when initials screen then load banner ads, interstitial ads,

When load banner ads then visible ture…

When click on side menu label
Then show interstitial ads

After not showing ads
Please help


I have used Admob ads

I will check as per your instructions…

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its showing error massage… please support

Please someone’s help

Since I’m not using ads and don’t have any clue what has to be filled in however, this error comes from ads server

an invalid response was received from the ad server

Don’t spam the forum with your questions in different topics. It is not allowed.