Admob Ads not showing

I have got Approval from kodular team to display ads on my App
YOU can see below i am approved

AND on my mobile ads are not showing

Please Solve It kodular


Your app in playstore

no it is not in playstore

And the error code or message is?!

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You need a traffic on the your app for the show the your ads

Lol… all 5 topics you created are about ‘admob’ :joy:

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First of all Thanks to Kodular for this platform and bringing Admob approval system.
The method i used is
First i Got approval for my Admob account, Then (after few days waiting) tested my ads in Admob ad tester app(The ads started showing) after that i applied for Kodular Admob approval after getting Account Approved message i Uploaded my app in other App Store and requested my friends to download it
Now my app is showing ads!
Methods can differ

how van i apply…??
please help me

Do like this and then post your “message” Here