Admob ad not working

Admob ad not working in my app. My App already publish in the play store but the ad does not show. I apply kodular For monetization but they are not responding.

Please help me now what to do.

Take a look at monetization status again!

It can take up to 14 days to get ad approval. Though, downloading the app from Google Play will show ads right away.

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If your app is already published on playstore then you don’t need to apply for monetization.
And if ads are not shown then it may be because you have used wrong blocks to show ads or may be Admob is not showing ads.


Show us your blocks related to admob component

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In the timer you load the ad and you immediately try to show it in the next block. So i suppose that your ad is not ready to show when the block “Show Interstitial Ad” is executed.

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As @George_Loungos said,
First load then show ad.
Use Interstitial Ad block - when Interstitial Ad Loaded then Show Interstitial Ad.

I try this way. but it’s not working

Is your app approved for ad serving?