Admob interstitial ad not showing for my app

My app I built with kodular that has more than 800 users already on playstore is not showing the admob interstitial ad. But other apps I built with other platform like thunkable are showing admob interstitial ad. Please what is happening? Non of the app I build with this platform is showing admob interstitial ad.
Please I have tried to research this matter but I have not seen any satisfactory explanation. I need your help.

if your app in published in plaaystore than admob or adsense has disabled your account. A published app in playstore should show you your ads if not than admob stopped it. Check if your adsense account ( the name and adreess is proofed by them)

Thank you for replying. Admob banner ad is showing but interstitial ad ain’t showing at all. Other apps I created on thunkable are showing interstitial ads.

I also have this problem but now its solved it was solved when I verified my adsense/admob address with the verification pin.

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My adsense has been over 3 years old. My admob interstitial ads are working for other apps I created on other platforms. Can I post the app link of this kodular app and one of my thunkable app for you to verify. If this is an issue with kodular, am begging a kodular staff to tell me what to do.

no its not fault of kodular you can contact admob by filling apk submission form go to this link : Android package (APK) submission form - AdMob Help

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Thanks . I have contacted admin via that link. Let me wait

I hope that your app starts to show ads again

Thank you. Interstitial ad now showing.

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Actually, the “call interstitial ad to show” block was not included in my initial blocks. So I added it and it solves everything.