Ad manager banner and interstitial ads not showing

My app is live on playstore but ad manager banner and interstitial ads not showing. any solution…?

This issue exists since the Premium system started and can only be fixed by @Kodular, but unexplicably, it seems not to be an important problem for them.

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Lets just load add when screen intilize


Show Interstitial_Ad when any button click. Make sure while displaying ad you are not going to.any other screen.

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The problem, almost for me, is that interstitials ads are not loaded even in test mode. I tested with apk and aab through Google Play internal test and the ads are not loaded ever.
Banners are not showed either.
And if tested with apk, even in test mode too, and advice saying some like “this app has not been approved to show ads” is shown.
I deleted and added the components a few times, but the problem remains.
It is quite frustrating.

I had problem with banner ads … but from yesterday, they are appearing and I hope there won’t be another problem in future.

Yet again, banner ads are invisible. Moreover, ecpm has also gone down.

@aamee @Alok_B @Zagal_ @Lollipop this ads code is right :+1:t2: yaa wrong…:sweat_smile:
I am beginner in kodular…:joy::sweat_smile::joy:

I request you that why you loaded Interstitial_Ad1 2times together and why you are
e showing same Interstitial_Ad1 like Ads bombartment on your users.
Its clear cut & direct policy violation.

First do experimemt with test Ads then Publish your app LIVE.

You must have to Show Interstitial_Ad1 between your 2 activities. its the main point. Please rearrange your bocks accordingly

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