Ads not showing

I have created a new admob account and I kept my ad units in kodular. For the first five minutes I’m unable to see ads. But, all of a sudden, I’m unable to see ads. I’m perfectly done with my blocks. May, I know the solution?

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Did you got approval from kodular and admob

Yeah! I got approved by admob.
I’m getting ads and suddenly I’m not getting ads. Once they were coming and after 2 minutes they are not getting

Any error message?

No, there are no error messages. I have done it perfectly in block section. Even, I’m getting interstitial ads. But, at all the time
I want to know is why I’m not getting interstitial ads in regular

Use When ad failed to load block to find it out.

did you published your app in play store . if not then your ads will not show

Yeah! I know. I’m testing in kodular companion.

But, my admob account has been approved.

Maybe your app doesn’t have enough content.

Noticed the same a few days ago. I’ve to dig through it before I can say if it’s a bug in kodular or something different.

did you published it in play store. if you used in live testing then it will show ads because your app’s package name will be the companion’s package name

just publish your app in play store

Unfortunately this would not solve the issue! It is indicating to an error, nothing else.

use this blocks to know what is error

He already attached -

it is depends on your admob ads fill rate

oh sorry i didn’t noticed

In that case. I should not get any ads. But I’m getting ads for 2 minutes and later I’m not getting. Now, I’m able to see banner in screen 1 but I’m not getting ad in screen 2

Maybe your app is not interesting enough for admob to show ads. What does your app do?