My banner ads and interstitial not appears

my banner ads and interstitial is appears only on my companion but when i export it and install it, the ads doesn’t show. this is a bug?

More information required such as app type, approved or not, Play Store app, etc

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Also use “when admob fails to load ad” block to know the issue

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My apps approved to apears ads. I dont published my apps on google playstore

I doesn’t show error when i test on companion because the ads is appears. The main problem when iexport the apps, the ads doesn’t appears.

Did you try Ad Failed to Load block?

Yup Same problem here

Yup same question here:

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Admob error. I Install the apps. But on companion the ads appears properly.

I have also the problem but after some day my ads are started showing , so how many days went you install it or how many pageviews you get on the app

May admob account is approved, ready to serve ads but still not appears ads on apps but on companion it appears ads.

Lack of Ad Inventory means that Google has no ad to server at that time.
Can you please show your app here?

I am also having the same problem. i put ads in my app. not published in playstore. app approved by kodular . i am having trouble using the failed to load/ failed to show ad.
can anyone tell me how to use the failed to load/show block.

In my admobs, there is

Search the forum, read the docs, try for yourself and if you fail then show your blocks and someone might help you.

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