Admob: Invalid response was received from the ad server

Hello, at the time of showing the ads in my application they are not displayed and the following error appears: “Something happened internally; for instance, an invalid response was received from the ad server”.

Once you unintentionally install the application outside of Google Play, so don’t know if that’s why the error is due.

I hope to find someone who has had the same problem or someone who has a solution or advice.

Is your app Kodular approved?

My application will be published in the Play Store, so I don’t have to do it

Haha very funny. You have to get your app approved for ads even if you have it on the Play Store, if it’s not approved, this is probably the error it shows.

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Can I have your app URL from the Play Store?

I don’t have any app in play store

So, what’s your problem?

What it means

You’ve to get approval from Kodular in order to show ads not only in app that Downloaded from Google Play but also in APK.

OP has not responded? @asimjib93 was correct by what he/she told you though, you do have to get your app approved for ads if it’s not going on the Play Store :man_shrugging:

I am also saying that we were saying same thing again and again what a confusion​:joy::joy:

After seeing that they do not need the approval of kodular and still had the same error, I decided to look for other alternatives

So basically the solution to this is do the process for Kodular to approve my application even if I will publish it in the play store?

I’m not sure, but you can try.

But in the Kodular site mentioned that " If your app is currently published on Google Play Store, or you plan to publish it in the future, please DO NOT REQUEST APPROVALS , as that system is ONLY for distribution outside that store (apps installed from Play Store can display ads without restrictions)"

did your problem solved i am getting same message please someone help