Invalid response was received from adserver


the ads don’t load and it says ‘‘something went wrong internally, an invalid response was received from adserver’’. I have set the adunit and also uploaded it to the playstore
link to app in playstore

It’s working properly for me
Probably your network connection is bad

Try to use a different WiFi


I tried. I have already used two different wifi but it still shows the same result??
It’s been a week I have uploaded the app in play store. Is this due to an issue with AdMob or Kodular or something else???

I think it’s an issue in your network…
Because if there were any kind of issue in Admob or in Kodular I should have experienced too, and I didn’t


same problem with admob ads on my app.
and facebook ads working well.
how i solve this problem

Hey, Is there any solution of it? I see same error in my app too.

Do I need to get approval for the app even my app is published on Play Store?