Enforcing Admob Policies


(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #1

Dear Koders,

We perfectly know that one of the most used components are Admob Components
And, as our Creator allows to use them in an easy way, sometimes people use them but in an “ilicit” way

Since today, Kodular Creator adds a new protection layer to Admob Components in order to prevent the creation of apps with invalid content
We now perform several checks using artificial intelligence to detect whether or not an app can display Admob Ads based on the kind of content in the app

However, as there’s nothing perfect in this world, our trained model may sometimes report false positives
So, in that case, if your app raises too many Ad Failed to Load error, just message us and we can manually whitelist your app

We always try to provide a secure app development environment in our suite, so this kind of measure was required in our safety code

Happy Koding,
:kodular: @Kodular Staff

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(Philipp Lang) #2

this will make a few people sad i think. and a few other happy. Nice Job guys

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #3

Which people will be sad? The ones which might violate Admob policies?

(Philipp Lang) #4

Exactly what i mean.I hope this earning apps will stop with that KI ML Learning.

(Marlon Rodríguez) #5

Hay que ver que tipo de aplicaciones afecta (como las de wallpaper), de cualquier forma, nos asegura ofrecen aplicaciones con calidad.

How I would like to work with Machine Learning in Kodular

(Abhijith) #6

My App Already returns a lot of Ad Failed to Load error and haven’t showed any banner Ads Since. It was happening before this post as well… I haven’t published to Google Yet its under development.:smile:

PS : Its not an earning app and it doesn’t violate Admob Policies


(Vivek Gaur) #7

That’s very good update at all, it may may decrease admob invalid activity
It will help me the most.
But how can contact you for white listing because i going to release my app on playstore and i don’t want any kind to error in Ad Loading

(ARGadekar) #8

I Think this topic want to Pin at top in Community. Because it’s very important Topic for Everyone.
& Thanks @Diego

(Vivek Gaur) #9

If an app which is not an ad-clicking earning app, it’s an MLM app or refer & earn app that may violate Admob Policies (App like OneAD) ?

(Admire Developers) #10

I will be straight for what is this to create us more problems and the developers don’t use community must leave their projects and migrate to another builders.
I know this but many developers don’t even know about community as like my friend. I am shifting to appybuilder kodular was better earlier as it was only focusing on features and users needs but its something thats going off topic.

(Abhijith) #11

Yes it may Create Problems. It has also been Mentioned here :

Now Its the Best!

This Move is necessary Since there were a lot of earning apps and Google May Ban or impose some kind of restrictions on the Builder Apps So… I think its a Good Move

(Admire Developers) #12

Well ok but why they even blocked test ads of Admob

(Abhijith) #13

Actually They did not a Bot Did and if you think there was a mistake contact them as he mentioned and it will be resolved

(Admire Developers) #14

Ok thanks i will but. your ads affected by this or not

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #15

You first have to ensure the ad failed due to the new system
Use the “Ad Failed to Load” and get the “error Message”

(Abhijith) #16

In the banner Ads the AdFailedToLoad Block Does not Return a errMessage. Can that be added because it is really useful for Debug Purposes.


(BallestaSoft) #17

Ads the AdFailedToLoad Block Does not Return a errMessage and No show consent dialog.

I have tried I have an app about to publish, with more than 13,000 lines of code.
Now I have the fault that it does not load admob advertising.
Can you add it to the white list, please?


Then it is not the new protection system.

(Abhijith) #19

I mean there is no way to get back a error Message :smile:


Which admob component?