Admob Troubleshooting

Why are my Admob Ads not showing?

:ballot_box_with_check: This can be caused due to several issues, so you need to get more info about this

Reason 1

Our new Admob Blocking System

However, this won’t be at all in case your app is installed from Google Play Store, as our system is triggered only when installing from APKs
If your app is installed from Play Store, this cannot be the issue

In case your app is installed from an APK file, ads cannot be showing due to our new content protection system
To check if this is the real reason: add some blocks like this:

If the error is our new system, you shoud see something like this: “Admob detected not allowed content in your app.

If you think your app is fine with content, message us with your AIA file and your Ad Unit ID to manually whitelist it.

Else, the cause of your problem is not our new system

Reason 2

No ad inventory available
The most likely one

Use the same blocks as above to debug it, and if you get a message like “No ad inventory”, this is the origin of the problem

There is no way to fix it, as this depends on whether Admob considers there are ads to show in your app

Other Reasons

If none of above is your problem, feel free to open a topic in the community
However, be sure to explain your issue with details, attaching the error Message you get