How many Monetization Options are available, other than provided

I wanted to know which monetization options are available other than those integrated in kodular ?

Like StartApp Ads Extension, is there other ad network’s extension avaliable ? Coz my admob ads are not working even after approval from kodular

Please suggest me something. thanks !

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I think last option is enhance but i didn’t like it because it increases size of apk.

can u explain its concept or give me a link to post or something ? am ok with apk size

Here’s tutorial or more on youtube

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thnks i will check it

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Ok keep working

hey i tried website to show ads in my ads but after enhancing my app just became crap, animations started to stutter, banner ads overlapped content and it messed up Firebase Authentication somehow,
so i think it doesn’t go well with heavy applications

still waiting for a reponse from kodular to solve my issue, app is aporved but is not showing ads, says not approved

It’s better to make another app and request Admob approval :upside_down_face:

Yes i also try that it starts crashing apps when i call data from airtable it crashes the app

It took me 2 months to make this app, I can’t just start from scratch

Copy the screens or upload aia, change keystore, change package name

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How can we change keystore ?

Use the Community Search Option. There are a lot of extensions available

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Go to your project and select “delete keystore” That’s easy :sunglasses::grimacing:

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Watch this video and use any ad network on your app:- - YouTube


Click here​:point_down:

It is your account that contains your keystore and not your project

Btw, never give advice to delete something before they have made an backup



dude, messes up with the app configuration, yesterday i tried enhancing 2 of my apps but they both ended up behaving strangly and were not in a position to be used properly
I would not recommnend it to anyone

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where is the download link ?? i can’t finf any link in this post and which ad types are supported ?

He had not added download link. Tell him about link… Or report to moderator

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how to report to moderator ?