Enhancing my app

I’m enhancing my app to display ads. So, how would kodular charge for enhancing my app. How does the process work like how kodular charge commission?

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You have to ask this question in enhance forum…

and kodular doesn;t charge you but i suggest don;t enhance its increase size of upto 2x and app malfunctions so take backup of app first

What kind of malfunction?

App stops working and error on screen switching

I’m not getting ads on kodular. I’m getting ads on kodular when I’m enhancing my app but there was a problem my app size is increasing. So, what should I do?


If you upload your app on play store then you will get ads without any extension or ask kodular to approve your app.

Kodular doesn’t approve apps those who are ready to upload in play store


So if your apps is already in play store then why you are unable to get ads please use ad failure & check

also provide some screenshot of your apps

If you’re publishing app on Google Play, you don’t need approval from Kodular… Request for approval if you would not publish app on Google Play.

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provide me your app link

If you use Enhance there will not be any comission for Kodular.