Admob ads not working on Kodular

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Try the most at powerful tool ‘Search’ and then raise a topic

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already did that, but in all those topics none of the user did what I did :yum:

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What about ads other than admob?

There are a lot of extensions available for monetization other than AdMob in the Kodular Community

Did you use only Admob with enhance? I tried mediation and APPODEAL but they not work.

My apps do not have any issue with Kodular admob component. If i release them to Google Play i can see ads

I also use fb ads and they are working perfectly

Did you make any app in latest version of kodular?

If yes then can you tell me how you are showing ads to your users?

Yes my apps use Latest.

I just load ads when screen init. display them when they loaded and user trigger show ad state

I dont use any trick

Hope this helps you

I think you didn’t saw my full post.

What I said was that I did the same thing with both Kodular and appybuilder, but admob ads load only in appybuilder app. So if there is an error or if my ad unit was wrong then it should also not load on appybuilder.

Put more and more content my app ads are working without uploading on playstore

Bro I think you didn’t Search bcz as discussed in other topics that kodular use AI to check if your app is having legal and proper content but sometimes it can be false positive which can be the reason read the above topic completely bro

thx for your response but now I am using enhance extension and it’s working for now. :grimacing:

[By the way my app is on play store and it is legal and have proper content too]

Do do you feel fall in earning using enhance?

I don’t know bro, I just strated using admob after many months

I have to use fb + admob both, because fb ads will not work in devices without fb account