Enhance.co does it work

Enhance.co does it work if I add ads

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We don’t know. Contact enhance.co

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Try it & check whether its working or not…

Do I need to set up the play store for it to work?

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Nope not for enhance extension

i heared that when you use enhance it increase the app size considerably and i don’t know how much commission they will take? I advice to use local component


It did not work. I didn’t install play store

Absolutely right @Deepanshu_Arya.
Using enhance.co will mess up every thing in the apk file.
It will increase the apk size, destroy your app ui design.

I would never recommend anyone to use enhance.co

Instead of that we should use kodular native components.

Hi. I highly recommend the use of enhance.co. Yes, the app will be bigger, but on the other hand, they don’t take any comission from your Admob account. By the way, the UI remains the same.


They don’t provide the platform to develop an app. It’s because of kodular, you are able to build an app to showcase ads. You should not expect anything in return without giving something…

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I do not expect anything, i Just answered the root question from @salihcaglayan137


I would like to know if enhance.co works for anyone here


Instead of waiting others reply. Just go & try it… @dannygravity7


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It does work. I made a tutorial using Enhance + Offerwall awhile back in AppyBuilder. (And honestly, only because Enhance asked me too, and many people wanted an Offerwall option)

I wasn’t a huge fan of the process it took to get Enhance working with AppyBuilder. You basically had to create you app, then build it, then bring it into Enhance to enhance it. Then test it out to see if it’s working. It was a little bit of a hassle during the testing phase.

But it does work, and it’s an option if that’s something you’re looking into. But as others have already stated, there are still some “negative side effects”

On the positive side though: they seem to be a good company, from the interaction I had with them. If there is something you’re unhappy about, I would send them a suggestion and maybe they will look into it.


You can probably tell them to find a way to reduce the App size…
My app size moved from 6.9mb to 19mb just by using their Banner ads implementation


I’ve tried to enhance TheoremReach offer wall but it’s not working and keeps crashing the app. Have you tried enhance TheoremReach? Did it work for you?

Ya but kodular app aproval process takes to much time.my app is under review since 3 week and 5 days.

it do not take any commision it is safe

We are not using it as our choice, Enhance has Facebook’s Latest SDK 6.2, and Kodular yet not updated its Facebook SDK.

As Creator like me, AdMob gives me Ad Limit every time, thus I use Facebook and if Kodular is not showing Facebook ads
I have to use Enhance or another third-party website to make my living.