Google Ad not showing

Google ad not showing in app but when i turn on Test Mode Then Test ad showing in my app

Please Help ASAP

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NOT WRITE ASAP, with words like that i believe you will get less help. A lot of people have troubles with Admob and nobody write that he wants help ASAP.
This is unfriendly

Why not search in the Community, you will find a answer if you search well.


Please search community before creating a new topic.
You can find a lot of topics in community.

Or you can try this

This was a little rude but a nice tip everyone just keeps posting and continuosly

It was not rude. The first post the person made was ASAP

Even after the question the users total read time is 7 minutes.


@plang58 was 100% correct, and a little more polite than I would be in the same circumstance. Most of us arel volunteers on a free platform. Keep your demands in check.


I am uploading apps in Google Play Store but I have not run ads in my apps yet. What is the problem? My apps do not show banner or interstitial ads, your video ads are shown, now what can I do? Thank you