Admob Ads Problem

When i export my apk admob ads are not loading and when i test in kodular Live test app ads showing and when i paste same ad unit in appybulider ads showing . I already read koduar admob ads not loading post . But When i export apk its not showing and when i test apk ads showing . Why ? . I think it is a kodular falt . Tell the sloution . And i alreday publish my apk in play store

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Same Problem Bhai 100% this is Kodular falt

It’s your problem not kodular… and search the community before posting or answering to any post.

Read this post -


I alreday read it then i type this messaege . But if our problem so tell me how i slove it . and i am telling that please recheck admob component. Its kodular falt.Its kodular falt

There is a block Call failed to load. Use that block to check if there is any error or not.

Same Problem also with me…
Please tell me the right way or right block for admob banner add and interstitial add

0 error code

@appykart & @techarpan1 - try this -

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