Admob ads not loding

ads are not loading at all.
now don’t say it is a admob problem.
it is clearly a kodular problem

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Proof? :smirk:


when i load ads on screen initialize no ads are loading
but everything working fine in appybuilder with same admob account

You have to publish to Play Store for ads to start showing up properly or contact Kodular Staff to know if your app is blacklisted. What is your app about?. Also try to load ad somewhere else than Initialize

ok i will try

To say it is a Kodular Problem if you dont know it 100% is not the right way or. Someone killed a person, so i say: You was it because i was at home and all other people too, so it could only you.

Did you proof if you app in on the Black LIst like the Member told you, did you read a Log file were you could read: error. Kodular. …

I dont think so.

Before you say it is a Problem of Kodular you should proof all theese things.