Immediate admob attention

Dear Kodular, please I think your admob block need some fixing, ever since Kodular was upgraded to Draco 1.3B, ads started having issues. During development and test with kodular live app, the ads are working perfectly but once the app is export and install, ads will stop showing. I was thinking the problem might be from admob not serving me ads but if I use same ads unit on other app-builder site, ads are showing very well. Also when you use test mode it work well but if you disable test mode, ads stop showing.
Please Kodular try to fix this bug, I will upload screenshots of Kodular ads error report and screenshot of same ads unit I use in other site which show successful

Two screenshot from Kodular showing ads error message

and successful ads showing from another site

You might not be Using the Blocks Properly. Admob is working Fine. Use the search feature to find the solution as this problem is discussed a lot in the community

I have tried it and I’m sure I did it right because I’ve using it before now. Same ads unit I use on Kodular which didn’t work, I use on other app builder site and it work well. If you want I can send you the AIA file

Even I got this problem when I used a fresh ad unit id.
But when I replaced it with an old one which was active on another app. It worked fine. When your app will start sending genuine and more requests to admob, they will surely serve ads.

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