Admob help. after created month

Last month i create apps on admob google then i add ad unit called banner. then i try it to, it doesn’t show the ads. yesterday i add interstitial ads but it doesn’t show the ads again. anything wrong?

It is called bug. Wait for Kodular Update. Then the problem will fixed.

then I thought to try this on appybuilder but the ads it doesn’t appears or show.

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Please don’t share any other builder issues here…

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i don’t share other builder issues here. i’m just saying i try on other builder if my ads is appears or not because on kodular my ads not appears

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You have to take approval from kodular or publish your app on play store to show ads in your app.
So let me know you app is approved by the kodular or not or You published the app on play store?

my apps already approve not publish on google [playstore. but doesn’t show/appears ads

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Well, that’s a kodular bug!
They already building a update to fix that.

Please continue building your app and even before you finish it the update will be available to everyone.

okay thankyouu

Ok please wait for kodular update i hope after that your works fine…