Admob ads not showing

well i have putted my ad code and done all the blocks but now when i open my app then it is not showing admob ads why why and how to fix this

Kindly check you admob ad is on test mod or not, if on test mod then kindly disable it from test mod, hopefully it will work…

is ur account how many days older

like 5months

is Kodular is newly updated wait sometime it work well

how much time i have to wait cause im getting this issue from like 2months

i dont know depends on ur account

which account???

admob account

i had asked google admob they said something About there API and they said it is not updated

first of all fill your address on your admob account

i think admob change their policy they not show ads on new app . If your app have get many Ad request then your Ads will be start . So Make app and publish on playstore then it have more then 500+ downloads then update admob ads in 2nd update of your ads.

i am not sure about it