Admob in Kodular Premium?

Will there be admob in Kodular Premium?

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No its not available for me in premium :smiling_face_with_tear:

But it is supposed to stay. Because they say all the ads will be in the component.

Available ads components :slightly_smiling_face:

So what to do with the premium with 3.5$

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Please provide proof of where anyone said that AdMob component would stay.

Maybe you should search, read and follow the latest kodular stuff posts instead of spamming the forum.

I also purchased the premium version today and I believe it will only be enabled on 7/11/22

If you see AdMob ads in premium, then please tell me that.

They said it would be an external component
Meaning you have to buy a component from any external developer
We asked them that we want an internal component of Admob for premium subscribers, and we have not received a response yet
Please note that the offer will expire in two days

It’s not enabled by kodular right now,but you can use Any ads Components in Premium!

i am use admob extension kodular premium account not working

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Maybe you should read from when it starts to apply

Edit: click on the date and you will get more info, oops I just saw for my self that it is a timeframe

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We asked them that we want an internal component of Admob for premium subscribers


I am a regular free Kodular user . I want to upgrade to premium . I want internal Admob components by Kodular. How to get it ?

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Admob component isn’t available anymore, even in premium plan, but you can use an extension

have you Admob extension?

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There is a free extension
I will send you the link

with kodular premium can i get approved ads in my app? and if its not in play store ?