Premium and Admob components

There are only two days left until your offer on the Premium plan, and there are many questions that do not have an answer, the most important of which is for many to stop and subscribe or not.

We asked a clear and explicit question about the components of Admob and the Premium version to be subscribed to

Will Admob components be added as before, but for Premium plan subscribers
The answer depends on whether or not you participate in the program
And you said be patient and we got it, and unfortunately there is no response
Because without adding admob components to a premium plan, kodular doesn’t work for me
Please publish this topic and respect our opinions
Because it’s not random
We want to pay, but before paying we want to make sure of what will be

Right now Kodular not saying they are adding any Ads Components in Kodular, But they are saying you can use any Ads Components in Kodular Premium! Read there update notice

I think I’m confused with this. When I read that we can use any component, What I understood is that we can use any of the available from different sources, I dont think they will make us re-do everything from scratch, they already have those components!

use admob extensions

They said they use ADMOB extensions but from a third party
This is what we don’t want
We want an internal component like Google Ads or as it was before
Because it is in a premium version and we pay for it

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