Unsatisfied with new commission system

To kodular team,

we understand your adsense account as been terminated, and it as been a tough times maintaining the servers for huge customers.
you guys provide the best drag and drop platform, no doubt kodular is the best.


kindly look at the problems of your customers.
the new commission system is the worst update.
there are so many bugs.
facebooks ads are not loading, only ur unity ads are showing.

this as been a huge upset by kodular team.

instead of all this system,

make a method where the platform gets a premium method, means there will be no ads commission by kodul;ar, instead there will be premium plan or subscription for monthly package.

The current platform can be same where people can use it for free.

but create or give a new premium choice where those people will pay monthly bill or subscription fee for a specific days.

ik u guys want kodular to be free of cost or subscription free

but just take the thing seriously for what i said.

we love your platform. so plz keep it in a good way.

we will support kodular…


You already wrote what you think as topic…
No need to create now again a new topic…


To create duplicate topics is against the community rules.
So be carefull

Hi @hitechstudioinc

The idea you’ve proposed has already been discussed in other threads. Please take a look for you will find our inputs and thoughts on making Kodular a freemium service.
Also, feel free to respond on those threads than creating a new topic.
Creating duplicate topics is highly discouraged here.


But its not fair with the other users if you can do this then why you not did it your many users wants something please at least give us a proper reason why this is not added yet because i also want this feature i am also tired of the facebook ads problem my ads are also not loading at all and will cause delay in my future projects until ads starts to show i am not complaining but suggesting and adding this will also increase revenue of users many developers will generate a good revenue and can grow more.

I don’t think by showing ads will grow your application… As a normal user i play and try lots of mobile games and all of them have ads… and they loads ads everytime i die in the game. So as a normal user I prefer ads free app. With in app purchase option. so if i like any content within the app then I’ll buy… But showing ads will be a total turn off.

JUST SAYING. Think about it