Build System OFFLINE

Hello, can you help to us?, Today is build system offline five days ago very long time for building apps…

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Build System offline !!!

What’s the problem? It’s offline all the time! :sob:

they should fix the link timeout bug the time should start counting when app is built and lik ready not when start building so we dont need to spam build and load the server even more

You may check server status from here,

build system if offline, when it will get solve?

AI2OFFLINE - here you have self build system. For many errors here and for not fix any bugs i has go to offline version APP inventor. Here work all, but some kodular reasons must write as procedure, but build can possible fast and working :slight_smile:

Not me checking every 15 minutes to see if it’s back online.

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is there any other solution when the build server is offline, I need to immediately release the apk update for the client

Always We are getting same problem we should work with kodular or not


@kodular are you listening us?

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Too bad I can’t export my project to MIT. My client already getting angry.

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alwasy offline… every day

Anyone knows if premium users can use build system?

When build server is busy no one can build project.

it still offline, 1 hour offline its too much don’t you thing? we pay for premiun account with 0 garantities of suppont.

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our projects are gone, everything we do seems to be in vain if the assembly is not adjusted