Server busy error when exporting (Build Failed, Error writing to server)

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

I have been building a simple login system for testing my idea for another app
while exporting it shows the error SERVER Busy and its showing since last 12-13 hours
please help on this issue I am fed up now


Android version


This is not a big and not happening to you alone. Due to Server updation it may happen so. Please be patient.

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This is not a bug so I changed

#bugs to #discuss

it is very wise if there is some kind of notification banner from kodular, if they are doing an update. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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And also know the time of this update, i tried yesterday, server busy, i tried today server busy


I don’t know the problem solution
But me taking same problem

We all will get solution if the kodular compiling server back online until then no solution, only patient is solution

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When i am trying to Export app there showing Build failed! error writing to server


It builds but it shows some times after building 5-6 times it success



Sometimes it took me more than 10 attempts, and now it doesn’t work even after 20 attempts … also reloading the browser doesn’t help …


Kodular’s buildserver seems to be offline, I think this is the reason it fails to build any app.


same problem i m facing

When will be this issue fixed ? Unable to update my App.
Team Please Reply

Yes…me too facing the same problem

Same issue. I can report that this situation has already more than 12hr.

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yes you are right…Its absultely from last 18-20 hours

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it still cannot build new apk :frowning_face:

That’s because the build system along with the all 3 compilers are still OFFLINE…

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