Kodular build server is offline from 2 days

kodular build server is offline from last 2 days i have to update my app as soon as possible but build server is not online.


I think this non-service is totally unacceptable. THERE IS NOTHING WEONG WITH MY MONEY (premium user) THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING WRONG WITH THEIR SERVICE (server). WTX


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Are you moderator?

No im not a moderator

Please, the build server is offline again and again for several consecutive days. I would appreciate a solution to this problem. Thank you!!


It would be appropriate if the administrators made a post clarifying the problem and what is being done to resolve it. After all, after they started charging this responsibility arose. There is not only a bonus, but also a onus.


i have purchased premium services but facing this issue from last three to 4 days


yes this what i want to say that there should no server offline when we paid for this

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When it comes back online, start checking your app for errors. The update has broken auto sizing in two of my apps. Something is very wrong with it.

Same issue i am facing :cry: please fix the issue its urgent

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whear is kodular team?

looking for administrators to reply this trouble

Please Kodular Team solve this issue

We will real appreciate if you do
:pray: :pray: :pray:

we are facing the issue …
plz update


I pay for this kodular tool…
First, it took almost a year without updating the api33.
now all this time no answer for this compilation problem.

It is real hutting
:sleepy: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I’m having trouble compiling my projects! Kodular can’t compile my project. Help me Please!