Kodular server is busy for whole day

while building the apk, always got message “the server is busy”, this happened for 2 days
what is going on ?


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what are you talking about…

P.s. stop acting like an admin

also unable to get an apk or aab

Friends. I would like to suggest that you temporarily increase the link time for downloading the apk, as this measure would help reduce traffic on the build server.

nothing happend for 12 hours

Is this error for all projects or this project only?

all projects, some project got error “the server is busy”, some project stuck on 40%


I don’t open my pc so i cant check if it same for me or not, but you can check that by create new empty project and try if it compiled then error not from kodular try check extensions that you use else then maybe be error from kodular.

cannot build empty project, stuck at 40%

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since the new sdk 33 we can no longer export our applications, either the server is inaccessible or it loads 40% and blocks

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For me, it sometimes gets passed 40%, but it takes AGES. I’m also having other issues, with screen dimensions not being recognised correctly and components sizes aren’t correctly responsive. There’s been some fairly major errors introduced via this update.

When it will fix please its urgent

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Same for me

Since kodular has become paid and it is very slow, is it reasonable for me to sit for 12 hours or more until I download the apk file??!!
The file takes about 12 minutes to make the link invalid after all this. I changed the browser and even changed the internet network and the problem still exists.
What is the solution please? Is anyone facing this problem?

Screenshot (25)

Screenshot (26)

I wonder it’s time to say goodbye to kodular


now also cant build apk :woozy_face::woozy_face:

All the same :frowning:

the issue is still not fixed ,i thought it was one time thing but since like wednesday it keeps happening please fix kodular

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