I can't export apk file.. It has taking very long time to whisking the eggs..In the kodular site I can't build up only one app since 17th of october..

I build only one app since 3 months before… I need getting upgrade my app… But today i can’t export the app… My time also wasted many times… Sometime baking the app… After completed app baking…but link is not working… About a time error…

So do i, took long to build & apk can not be download after QR/Download link generated.

I am also having the same problem, please help

Me too and it’s very annoying :woozy_face:

me too, what we gonna do? what’s the solution?

Reload page and try to build again.
Also note that download link is valid only for 10mins.

any toll to copevert apk to aab

Failure has become a good friend to those who receive money and do not provide support

Actualy it was right after QR Code generated & the link has expired. It happens when build take so looong time.

Hello ! I tried on a simple project and it exported to APK, so in other terms, if you were able to get the download link before the 10 minutes expiration limit, you will get your file.

I really hope they extend the time limitation for at least 30 minutes.

Can someone rise this post so they may see it, Please.

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the server has been running horribly for over 11 days. it either refuses to compile at all, or it works extremely slowly. this applies to all users. statistics show that the server is not working… users are not aware of the causes and timing of troubleshooting. who should I write to and who knows what is really going on?


so do I.
kodular should do something make it easy

It has been too time consuming to compile any application for so many days that I could not number it.

Two outcomes possible when an exportation is commanded:

  1. A message that states "The build server is currently busy. Please try again in a few minuts " right after commanding an export;
  2. The compilation complete pop-up appears after a VERY long time but the link is already expired. Waiting time wasted.
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This URL shows the status of many systems especially the BUILD SYSTEM: https://status.kodular.io/

The same thing happens to me.

I already cleared the cache and everything you can think of with the browser.

I have tried in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

There are not many benefits of being premium if every time you want to export the apk the server works wrong … :unamused: eh @Diego ? hehe

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Besides all the waste of time trying to compile a project, now I ALSO experiencing this: