Export to aab or apk not working for any app

before 1 month and now a time no any apps are exporting as AAB or APK, because I want to update my app but why is this error, after 45% Kodular is unable to compile this project. are Showing. Please help me when Kodular solves this problem because I want to update my app on the Play Store.


Mine has been like this for a few days now too. I also have a premium account

The APK compilation does work, in case of server error retry a couple of times

I also can’t export APK, the time expires, and the AAB error occurs at the end at 80%

I don’t know if you noticed, but when we manage to compile an apk, the final file is getting much smaller than before. They messed with something that didn’t work. Some apps don’t even open anymore.

The platform can no longer Export neither APK nor AAB due to the time limitation, please consider changing from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

This is the main problem, please consider fixing it.

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Same here Cannot Export to AAB or APK. Build Failed Error every time.

And I don’t see support doing anything, is Kodular DEAD???

Complete lack of responsiveness from the staff; no one is addressing the questions. If every API update continues in this manner, the most viable solution would be to transition to a different platform.

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Any update

Come on people, we all know the bad behavior of @kodular staff and there is no point in making complaints since they don’t read them.

Better look for solutions, the APK build is running with delays, but it works! They should look for their hours of least saturation, in my case during the day it is complicated but after 8PM it compiles without problem.

For the conversion of APK to AAB there are also palliative solutions.

come on!!! SDK33 updated but now export AAB errors… Why does everything have to be so difficult?