Build server busy please try again later

build server busy please try again later.

Is anyone else having the issue right now


Compilers & Build Servers are down please wait till they became online.

I have same issue aswell. unable to compile the code :slight_smile:

oh, I was having project presentation tomorrow. I hope it gets fixed soon


Omg I need to done my project some pepole waiting for update . . . :frowning: becose how wonna an erning app without any prizes

You know that earnings apps aren’t allowed in Kodular ?

Yep that app working that way you printing card’s with generated qr code and you getting point’s that you will can rendem this to some rewards in another my apps like games itp

They don’t have any monetizetion fuctionally itp (cute picture btw)


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Build servers are down. Be patient and check status

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Server is up and running now.


ok cool, thats a good news