Extend limit of extensions or Paypal for premium subscription

Staff and owners of Kodular, like so many other users I find my projects hijacked since they cannot be compiled due to the limit of extensions, we have been waiting for more than 20 days to increase the number or integrate other means of payment to pay the subscription/extortion such as Paypal, they do not inform or communicate anything, I think those of us who still have a free account should know what will happen, in this way make the pertinent decisions, export our work to other platforms or continue with total uncertainty and waste of time.

sorry for tagging but we need answers. Thank you
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Ask your friends or anyone in family to buy the premium for you who have visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

It does not apply, first in my country, like many others, we have certain restrictions and exorbitant taxes and second, the entry of a card is linked to future billing.

If you confirm the subscription, you will allow Kodular to charge your card for this payment and future payments according to the stipulated conditions.

I understand that implementing another means of payment has certain considerations, but as an urgent measure and so that users can free the hijacking of our jobs, the number of extensions is increased, even temporarily.

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One day there will be an answer or we will continue to delay in vain.
I don’t understand why all the staff is missing.

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Don’t know why they are not giving any reply on kodular next update.