Extension To Be Made

I Am Free For Weekend So Anyone Suggest Me What Type Of Extension Should I Made I Am Confused​:sweat_smile: So Anyone Suggest Me :grin:
Only Extension Related With UI
Graphics And Animation . You can also post github link​:sweat_smile:

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If you can then create this. Everyone try to create custom list with an easy way.if you can then try it


Create Material Design 2 components :slight_smile: Material Design


A google Maps extension to create custom markers with custom icons !


Pinch to zoom would be nice

Thank You Very Much​:hugs:

I am But I need a Time​:hugs:

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No Google Maps Sorry Dear .Any More Idea​:hugs:

Can You Describe More Or Any Example I Didnt Understand​:sweat_smile:

Can you build the extension I requested here?

It’s already available

You can create an extension that can shows images and videos in a single same layout just like Facebook…if you can make it.it will be a great one.

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yes that is available deephost extension like tiktok videos
link http://deephost.in/aix=50
video link https://youtu.be/b1p71oex2zg

@ShaikhSajidAli l know that one but it’s only for video I think and it is in gridview…I want to say is that if there is an extension that can shows images and videos in a same layout just like FB…


Well Its Good Idea But Kodular Extension Doesnt Support Adapter And For It .It Need Adapter​:sweat_smile::hugs:


@Androking ohhh…no.

please make extension of back for app it is database firbase alternet firbase is too costly …my past two month bill is 218000 rs. my user was only 0ne lakh 18 thousands.

Maybe you can pay @Androking if he makes an extension for you?

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Extension for image sprite like border on image sprite can change color

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Use mysql database